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The Hidden South  

——Another south in the island’s south.

Everyone has dreamed about the south, however, a motive is what it really takes to start exploring it.

In Taiwan, the hidden south is the south of the south-eastern part of the island; in Taitung, Taimali seems to sit in another dimension, isolated for its uniqueness. Geographically speaking, the indigenous villages in this region sit sporadically on the mountain slopes. In terms of economy, this region has kept the indigenous tradition of millet plantation, fishing and growing fruits; these economic activities hint at the geographical features of this southern region. In addition to adding another layer to the existing imagination of the south, The Hidden South also beacons at the question: “is there another south, a south that we are not familiar with?”

The Hidden South points to the mysterious land that transcends the sense of direction and geographical concept. Among the four townships in this southern region, Daren Township and Jinfeng Township are surrounded by mountains. The demographic distribution of this region also adopts a diffuse pattern. Although the Paiwan people is the majority, the Amis people have migrated to this region throughout history. Like scattered feathers, small Amis groups can be found here and there. In addition, the intermarriages with the Puyuma people have added more colors to the East Paiwan people. In recent years, we have gotten to know more about the reality of this region through the construction of collective identity and participation, the connection of each tribe’s (or village’s) youth unions, and the revitalization of the local culture. Like what Argentinian writer Borges once said, “Life itself is a quotation.” This exhibition views reality as a kind of mysterious knowledge, and attempts to explore local cultural memory and historical past in the hope to evoke the cultural spirit exiled and forgotten by this systemized world.

With this title, we hope to use art as an entry point to summon and realize the imagination of this southern region while revisiting the past memory. The Hidden Southbegins with taking a look into the indigenous villages in this southern region, and creates a dialogue among cultural-historical archives, residents’ memories and the landscape texture of the natural environment and the villages. Through art and the collaboration between artists, local residents and project participants, we usher in a force to search for the hidden treasure in reality and conduct an experiment about invoking and representing local cultural subjectivity.

Here, we start our journey and eventually arrive at the place we have heard of yet never seen before.